SmartRoutes™ continuously ingests high fidelity real-time data from the FAA, NOAA, MIT-LL and other sources, and automatically analyzes all en route air traffic to identify wind-corrected high-value route optimization opportunities.  These ATC friendly advisories can be provided directly to your flight crew, allowing your airline to minimize flight time and save fuel while avoiding convective weather.  

Our advisories can be provided directly to the flight deck crew through our partner PACE Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology GmbH (PACE) and their Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer (Pacelab FPO) Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tool, directly to dispatch, or shared across both organizations - providing powerful Collaborative Decision Making capabilities. 

When utilized on the EFB by a flight crew, the only advisories presented are for that crew’s current active flight.

FPO Vertical Optimization

(provided by PACE)

Developed by our partner PACE, FPO provides best-in-class vertical flight optimization from gate to gate.

Utilized for many years by airlines across the globe for significant fuel savings.

Cloud based solution provides easy integration with SmartRoutes cloud solution and provides flexible growth capability.

For more information see the PACE FPO website.

Total Flight Trajectory Optimization has Finally Arrived:


Learn how FPO-SR can improve your operations and save your airline $millions.

SmartRoutes™ Lateral Optimization

(Coming Soon)

SmartRoutes™ lateral route optimization is being integrated with FPO to provide graphical advisories direct to the flight crew.

Provides best-in-class lateral and vertical optimization in a unified cloud-based solution with no aircraft equipage capital expense required.

Same high-fidelity graphical display of weather, winds, traffic and other key information as our dispatch display, ensuring an excellent decision aid for the crew and enabling powerful collaborative decision making with dispatch.