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Total Flight Trajectory Optimization has finally arrived: FPO-SR

Learn how FPO-SR can improve your operations and save your airline $millions


Powerful Real-Time Route Optimization

Start saving your airline significant flight time and fuel costs today with our no capital expenditure, easy deployment solution.

  • Finds valuable, wind-corrected re-route opportunities for flights en route in the NAS
  • * Continuous, automatic aircraft route optimization analysis processed in the cloud
    * Advisories delivered to dispatch or the flight deck or both
  • Provides material cost savings and environmental benefits for your airline
  • * Significant flight time reductions produce less jet fuel burn and emissions
    * Improves operational efficiency and on-time performance
  • Improves your cash flow quickly with zero capital expenditures and rapid deployment
  • * Start saving immediately with web-based login and minimal training required
    * No avionics or data systems integration needed + accurate savings tracking
SMARTROUTES Flight Rerouting Software LoginSMARTROUTES Flight Rerouting SoftwareSMARTROUTES Flight Rerouting Software


Less Flight Time
Less Fuel Burn
More Savings
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Groundbreaking Air Surveillance Data Solution

Proprietary technology offering ANSPs an unmatched level of surveillance data security and market-leading precision – all while cost-effectively using existing aircraft equipment.

  • Unlocks the full potential of ADS-B as the primary surveillance technology
          * Monitors, verifies and tracks aircraft with ADS-B or better levels of precision
          * Highly reliable data enable unparalleled secure navigation capabilities
  • Generates cybersecure and GPS-resilient air traffic surveillance data
          * Proprietary technology eliminates ADS-B security limitations
          * Operable through GPS threats for added resilience
  • Uses existing ADS-B signals for quick and easy implementation
          * Requires zero new airline equipage and lower costs for ANSPs
          * Accelerates deployment and adoption timelines


The most robust blend of security, reliability and precision available.



Find here a helpful informational product sheet that gives more details about how SmartRoutes™ works to provide your airline significant flight time savings.