The most robust blend of security, reliability and precision available.


Global air surveillance is ready to be elevated to the next level with SecureTrack™. Learn about how your air navigation service provider can experience the following benefits:

  • Eliminates ADS-B security limitations
  • Proprietary, patent-pending technology
  • Does not rely on vulnerable encoded ADS-B data
GPS Resilient
  • Operates seamlessly in GPS-denied environments
Market-Leading Precision
  • ADS-B level precision or better (<= 1 sec update rates)
No Aircraft Equipage Changes Required
  • Utilizes existing ADS-B transponders
  • Transparent implementation
  • Lower cost for airline customers
Globally Scalable
  • Technology can be scaled to cover the entire planet
Enables “Navigation Grade” Surveillance Data
  • High precision/update rate + high reliability + global scalability
  • Wind + weather data capture capabilities
Flight Time Flight Status Arrival Departure Board


Empowering modernized aviation.