The most robust blend of security, reliability and precision available.


A changing and complex aviation surveillance environment requires creative solutions. SecureTrack’s ready-to-deploy innovative technology provides a uniquely powerful set of benefits:

Immediate Knowledge of Disrupted Environments
  • Ability to provide real-time maps of GPS and ADS-B disruption areas
  • Indications and warnings of emerging activity in RF environments
Resilience Through GPS-Disrupted Environments
  • Ability to indicate GPS jamming and spoofing disruption to specific aircraft in real-time
  • Seamless and accurate aircraft surveillance information through GPS issues
Improved Reliability of ADS-B Data
  • Mitigates the security vulnerabilities of unencrypted ADS-B data
  • Detects and characterizes corrupt ADS-B information and can provide accurate replacement data
  • Allows continued ADS-B functionality through GPS-disrupted environments
Differentiated Technology for Reliable Results
  • Proprietary sensor hardware/firmware enables unique data capture for improved reliability
  • Groundbreaking software and algorithms execute real-time processing of aircraft signals
  • Powerful analytical tools give users a robust, comprehensive view of the airspace environment with unparalleled situational awareness of cyber threats
Cost Effective and Easier Implementation
  • No aircraft equipage changes (neither hardware nor software) required = quicker time to implementation vs alternatives
  • Utilizes existing ADS-B transponders and aircraft signals
  • Lowers cost of deployment and ownership for ANSPs and airline customers
High Precision and Reliability Enables “Navigation Quality” Surveillance Data
  • ADS-B level or better update rate (<= 1 sec update rates)
  • High reliability due to lack of reliance on encoded data and GPS
  • Globally scalable technology
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