Web-based User Interface

RDC SmartRoutes Flight Route Optimization

Intuitive Web-based User Interface 

The SmartRoutes Web-based User Interface (UI) provides access to dynamic route optimization with no need to load software onto your system – no IT system intrusion.  SmartRoutes provides an intuitive UI and takes very little screen space – it’s so easy to access and use you can start saving flight time and fuel burn today.

Simple Web Login

Dispatchers login from their PC or Mac from any Chrome or Firefox browser with a supplied username and password.  Tablet support and direct-to-flight crew is coming soon.

Smoothly Fits into the Dispatch Workspace

You position the Flight List window in the corner of your display so you can still access your other applications and continue your normal workflow.  

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You can select to see flights for an individual dispatch desk or all flights for your airline. You can adjust the minimum flight time savings for alerting and adjust the audible alert volume. With the audible alert at a discernible level, you can cover up or hide the Flight List until you hear the alert, so that SmartRoutes can require no screen space at all in normal operations.

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When you do receive an advisory for one of your flights simply click on the ACID to get a rich graphical display of the Current and Advised routes.

Intuitive Graphical Route Advisories

The graphical advisories are very intuitive – there is virtually no training required. Below is an example Advisory and the same Advisory with many key features annotated.  The Advisories provide wind-optimal flight time savings while avoiding convective weather.  The Advisories consider Special Activity Airspace (SAA/SUA) status and both traffic conflicts and congestion to provide ATC-friendly Advisories.

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Seamless Delivery to the Flight Crew

Once you have clicked on the “ACCEPT/COPY ACARS” button on the Graphical Route Display the Auto Formatted ACARS Route Advisory Message has been stored in your computer’s copy buffer.  You can then simply paste the message into your airline’s ACARS messaging system for delivery to the Flight Crew.

Less Flight Time. Less Fuel Burn. More Cost Savings.

IT friendly access, very little or no screen space needed, intuitive easy to use interface, simple cut/paste to your ACARS messaging system. Powerful wind and weather optimized routes that are ATC friendly. SmartRoutes – continuous dynamic route optimization made easy.


To see this web-based user interface process live please view this Intuitive Web-Accessed User Interface video on our resources page

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